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Design Inventor - Graphic Designing Certification Program

Become an advanced Graphic Designer with eSAC

The Graphic Designing program gives you an overview of industry-oriented learning in typography, design planning, layout designing and its implementation in the creative sphere which will enhance your skills in creative graphic designing and you will develop out-of-the-box designs.

Eligibility for Design Inventor Course : Higher Secondary Education (10+2)

Featuring : Learn the basic and advanced concepts of Graphic Designing

Course Duration : 6 months and 1 year

Weekday Batches : On Alternate Days

Weekend Batches : Saturday and Sunday

Course Target : Interactive teaching with Industry Experts

Software Learning Tools : Illustrator , Adobe Photoshop

Course Curriculum

Trimester 1: Elementary

Our Graphic Designing course builds your foundation in the use graphic designing software tools like Illustrator,Photoshop and its implementation, paving the way for efficient professional learning in graphic designing.

  • Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
  • Fonts/ Typography
  • Colors
  • Fundamental of communication
  • Objectives of Graphic Designing
  • Poster designs
  • Flyer designs

Who can Join: Students who are new to Graphic Designing and have passion and interest can learn the basic knowledge of Graphic Designing softwares.

Trimester 2: Fundamentals

It is an overview of basic implementation of the maths of Graphic Designing from objectives to the elements and also involving wireframing, website layouts and the techniques of Graphic Designing.

  • Understanding creative brief
  • Concept of Time Vs Quality balance
  • Elements of Designing
  • Design Planning and Approach
  • Corporate Identity Designing
  • Website Layout design
  • Creating Corporate Layout and Wireframing

Who can Join: Students who have basic knowledge about the Graphic Designing tools and have the desire to get a deeper understanding of the implementation of Graphic Design.

Trimester 3: Paramount

It is an overview of advanced implementation of Graphic Design elements, planning and approach. The courseware involves advance wireframing with the use of elements inside the website, Mobile, Online Marketing Ads, Display advertising and E-mail.

  • E-commerce website layouts
  • Industry based design
  • Mobile Layout design
  • Designing of Online Marketing Ads
  • Creating campaign landing page and designing e-mailers

Who can Join: Students who have good knowledge of the Graphic Designing tools and have done some basic implementation as well yet passionate to learn advanced implementation as per the industry benchmark.

Maestro Workshop

The workshop focuses on practical training sessions segmented into workshops, live training, demonstrations and industry meets. The advanced learning would include the techniques and tools used in Graphic Designing which will make you a well-rounded professional.

  • A complete take on Designing Graphics for print and Web
  • Sessions on design functions and Layout
  • Implementation of Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Designing of E-commerce Website Layouts
  • Creating Corporate Layout and Wireframing

Who can Join: No teaching only practical experience. Students who have knowledge and experience of working, but want to gain industry accreditation and enhance their application skills in graphic designing can join eSAC Institute.

  • What is so unique about this course?

    eSAC Institute offers a career-oriented Graphic Designing certification course for the students to provide professional training with comprehensive courseware and extensive live projects. Globally recognized course structure inspired from MIT & Harvard Courseware. eSAC Institute provides you practical training sessions in graphic designing which will be an asset to perform well in the industry.

  • What is the eligibility for joining Design Inventor?

    Design Inventor is a graphic designing course and the basic eligibility for the course is qualifying the Higher Secondary Education. If you have any other queries about the Graphic Designing course you can call us at +91 8510060645 or +91 8510060673.

  • What is your course curriculum all about?

    Our Graphic Designing course in Delhi gives an overview of design training making you a professional and an industry-ready specialist. The course curriculum involves a mix of basic and advanced learning in the field of graphic designing. You will be taught graphic designing software tools to make you work efficiently on various designing formats. Download our course curriculum for detailed knowledge about our graphic designing course.

  • What Software/ Tools do you teach in Design Inventor Course?

    We offer comprehensive knowledge about graphic designing and software learning tools like and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator. The session also involves industry-oriented courseware with expert guidance in the practical learning.

  • Will I be able to efficiently manage Graphic Designing for any enterprise?

    Our Graphic Designing course in Delhi is specially designed to offer industry-oriented certification which involves basic and advanced professional learning which enhances your knowledge to become a graphic designing expert for any enterprise.

  • What are the career opportunities after completing the Graphic Design Inventor Course?

    You can get recruited in Graphic Design studios, e-commerce companies, e-learning organizations, Publication houses, web designing companies, digital agencies and Advertising agencies as a graphic designing specialist after completing the course. You can also start your career as a freelance graphic designer and be your own boss.

  • Will Graphic Design Inventor course help in placement Assistance?

    Yes, eSAC Institute provide all graphic designing students with placement assistance and will give students a platform to learn industry knowledge through interactive learning. We will help you build your work profile and conduct mock interview in the practice sessions to kickstart your career in graphic designing.

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Kunal Chhajer

Asst Creative Director,
BC Webwise

I really thank Eyebridge for their training programs and well-qualified instructors who equipped me with the best professional training experience. It helped me to create strong fundamentals in design and developed an out of box thing.
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Nikhil Aggarwal

Key Accounts Manager,
eComm Express

Eyebridge has provided me with a vast learning platform and helped in organizing resources. My learning from the training on digital account management have significantly influenced my ideas to increase the value of customers and growth in my performance.
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Arindam Burman

Senior Consultant,
Cognizant Technology solutions

Digital is the fasted growing industry today and have maximum job opportunities. With more than 10 years of industry experience, Eyebridge is providing the best industry oriented certification. I recommend eSAC as the best launchpad to everyone who wants to build a strong career in this industry.
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Technical Lead,
Sony India Software Center

Proficient training experience, industry stalwarts as instructors and advanced courseware are the key pillars of eSAC. It will not only help you build technical skills but also enhance your confidence and groom you to face interviews. The placement cell is excellent.
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Manager UI/UX,
Times Internet

The course structure of eSAC is really impressive as it includes live practical training which can transform a beginner to a Digital professional. I have experienced professional training which has valued my learning in terms of industry interface. This was a great experience all together.
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Anurag Singh

Assistant Digital
Account Manager

As a student at eSAC, one attains knowledgeable training experience and extensive educational course. eSAC has truly helped to boost my career with explicit practical work environment.
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Shashank Saxena

Assistant Developer

Proficient training experience and industry instructors is expected from a professional courseware like eSAC. In my opinion, the program has offered interactive batches with practical knowledge to face the industry competition.
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Ravi Singh

Web Developer

eSAC helped me reach my career goal and during the training course, i had filled my knowledge of cups to the best of competency. I appreciate their effort in making me a leader at my workplace.
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